Heart for Security and Law Enforcement

RWB Badge

There are two types of people in any kind of law enforcement work; those who have “heart” for the job and those without it.  Having heart for law enforcement work is described as having a passion for being a protector of the community combined with the ability change your mind set about common fears that would otherwise prevent you from going into dangerous places to face dangerous situations.  Having heart for law enforcement also means winning the fight when force is used.  As a law enforcement officer guarding and protecting the community, you cannot lose the fight.  Over the years, I have found that those with a deep interest in the tools and techniques can be a better warrior when it comes to proper escalation of force.

Being a good security officer is means you are always doing the right thing when nobody is looking; this is called integrity.  You are more productive naturally because you are a proactive hunter of crime, not a slacker.  A good security officer knows how to use the dark, scary places to look for crime in progress and to be able to catch more criminals.  If you focus on this, then you naturally cover all parts of the four D’s of Security; Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny.  Always doing the right thing and being more productive than the average security officer gets you noticed by your employer, and the customers.  The two go hand-in-hand to build a better security business.

How do you hire someone who appears to “have heart” for security work?  Look at the past work they have done to see what they have accomplished.  Do they have stories to tell about their performance or do they just highlight their qualifications?  A security officer can have a lot of credentials, but fail to apply this in real life.  How much do they know about the laws they would like to enforce, and what have they done in the past to apply this knowledge to their security work?  Again, the true hunter of crime has heart and a sense of urgency to find crime on the properties they are charged with protecting and to protect the people in their area of responsibility.  The opposite is a person who, like at any other job, just does the bare minimum. 


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