Knife big enough to be a sword!

Downed Man with Hunting Knife

Security finished patrolling a property and then noticed a man down on the sidewalk nearby.  A beer can at his feet and his wallet open by his head, the man was face down on the concrete.  Security began talking to him and when he rolled over he had a very large hunting knife under his hand.

This one turned out okay. The Sheriff was called to the scene along with medics.  He was taken away in an ambulance.  The photos illustrate how a scene with a downed man can escalate with a weapon very fast under the wrong circumstances.  We’ll never know why he had the knife or why his wallet was out.  Was he robbed or just way too drunk?  Does the property manager know what’s happening at night?

Security Officers encounter this all the time. The work is dynamic with properties and people that are unpredictable.  Really good security companies have their armed, experienced security officers handle this activity and then write a good report for the Property Manager.  The other security companies have their unarmed guard just call the police, and then leave a very poor report.  The best reports come with photos and a narrative.

CALTAC Security reports always include a minimum of one photo. It is date and time stamped, and if you log on to your customer web portal you can see the GPS pinpoint location too.  Otherwise, the photos still come with the reports that are emailed nightly and waiting for you to see the good work we do.

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