Who is- that Security Officer at night?

Found on the client’s property at 1AM, he had a no-bail warrant out for his arrest.  The security officer ID’d him with his California Department of Corrections parole ID card.  The Sheriff picked him up immediately.IMG_0395

Armed, or unarmed?  There is a difference!

As the owner of a security company and having to wear a Human Resources hat for hiring, I see that a big consideration for matching the right person for the right security job, is really about what that person wants to do.  Do they want a somewhat brainless job monitoring something, or a more dynamic position that deals with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations?

The first one – the brainless job of simply monitoring something is a light security job.  This is great for smart people such as a college student who can work and study at the same time.  It’s also for the person who never finished school and just wants a simple job that can be low stress.  As a manager of the people working the simple security job, the only real challenge is that they are consistently to work on time and that they stay awake.

What about the more dynamic security positions where officers have to be alert all the times?  He or she decided to wear a uniform, stay up all night, be alert and actively hunt for crime?  The armed patrol security officer is usually a person who has a passion for law enforcement.  They share some of the same characteristics as sworn law enforcement in that they take pride in making sure things are right.

The really good characteristic I speak of is the desire to hunt for prowlers.  Prowlers are people looking for crimes of opportunity.  They are hunters themselves, and to hunt the hunters is fascinating to me, like it is to them.  This is one of the biggest reasons I am in the security business, to be better than the criminals I am up against; and to be the protector of the people and property I am contracted to protect.  I call this “having heart” for security.  Having heart for security work drives the right person to Patrol (hunt) or Guard (protect) the people and property they are allowed to serve by contract.

Why is the armed guard more driven than the unarmed guard?  The firearm allows them to go places they wouldn’t go without one.  It allows them the protection to work at gang-infested apartment complexes, alone, where you wouldn’t go at all.  It allows them to drive to an apartment complex, make a foot patrol of the area (hunting) for crime and criminals, and confront it; head-on.  Again – going up against people in the middle of the night, and taking charge of a situation.

Typically, an armed security officer has more protection character that drives the hunting and protecting instincts required to be better than the prowlers they are up against.  Crime prevention really is a fight to be better than the criminals and many armed security officers have gone to the expense to be the best at what they do.

Security clients get what they pay for.  An Armed Security Officer has “more heart” that an unarmed security guard.

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